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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is my manual?

  • Answer: All manuals are downloaded. Not mailed.  1. If you returned to our website after PayPal payment, you would have seen an invoice of your payment. Click on the blue link in the invoice and your download will start. 2. An email is instantly sent to the email address you have registered with PayPal.  Click on the link that is found in the email, (or copy and paste it to your web browser address bar), download it and save the manual to your computer.

I did not get an email?

  • Answer:  Check your junk emails, if not in there, contact us and we will assist.

I cannot open the manual?

  •   Answer:   Many of our manuals are “zipped files”.  This is because they often contain more than one file and zipping them makes them download together.  It’s also quicker and makes the file size smaller for you to download.  If your system doesn’t recognise a zipped file, it is because it doesn’t have the program installed to deal with them.  Here is two solutions:

Download winzip, its a free trial program and works great. winzip-free-download

Download jZip, it too is free, but it is free forever. jzip(Just click on either image to be taken to their websites)

I cannot open the download on my iPad in Safari

  • Answer:   The iPad is not like a normal computer that has a file system.  It saves files inside its Apps.  Safari may download some files, like PFD but if you want to save or download a “zipped” file (many of our files are zipped) you will need an App.
  • The App to get is “Downloads Lite for iPad” which is free.  First download and install the App.  Then get the email you received from us with the download link.  Double tap quickly on the link, select all, and then copy.  Then go and open your new App.  Clear the address bar by tapping on it, highlight all entries and press backspace.  This will clear your address bar.  Now double tap on the address bar and paste the link into there.  Press go.  The download will start.  After its finished select “Files” at the bottom of the App.  You will see the file you just downloaded.
  • Select the file and iPad will ask you if you want to extract if it is a zipped file.  Select yes.  The file will extract right there and you can select the PDF you need and read it on the iPad using this app.  The file will stay there, until you decide to delete it.  Finally delete the zipped file when you are sure you are set up.

Here is the link to this App – just click on the image

(There are better Apps available, but they are not free)


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